Yoga Class

My best mate and I decided over the past week that we wanted to get a bit fitter, we were feeling a bit soft around the middle and thought some new exercise was in order. My best mates sister recommended that we try yoga, she’d been doing it for years and she was one of the fittest people we new. So, somewhat apprehensively, we starting looking into what it involved. It’s a complicated culture, lots of slang and new phrases that all mean important things. Basically we just wanted to get into the basics and for that we needed a few things. We needed some workout clothes, a good gym towel and of course a yoga mat.

We each found our respective exercise items and then began the search for a class, my mates sister said that it would be best to do a beginner class since hers was fairly advanced and she didn’t want us to hurt ourselves. We found an amateur class and decided that we should head down as soon as possible, so we packed up our gear and headed to the show. We were both pretty unsure about what to expect, but also keen to get fit. So we arrived and everyone there as you expect was very spiritual looking and hippy-esque. The music was very relaxing and our instructor was a very tall, very tanned man that was extremely muscular.

The class started and we were taught most of the basic positions (called asanas) and also taught how to breathe in the appropriate fashion. I wasn’t doing too badly but my friend was definitely struggling with all the stretching, afterwards he said that he was very very sore but he was definitely keen to do it again. So that was our trip to our first yoga class, we’ll be keeping it up for the next few months to see if we make any progress and try to get a bit fitter.

Friends Wedding

Last weekend I had to go to a friends wedding and help set up the venue in the park. Unfortunately the caterers had pulled out only a few days before so my friend was busy doing all the cooking and that left me and a few friends to make the park look nice for the big afternoon. The bride was 21 and I have known her since she was a baby so it was a special day for me as well. There was a big tree in the centre of the park and  we hung it with streamers and ribbons of lots of colours from the branches hanging down to just above the ground where we hoped the children wouldn’t pull on them and tear them loose. We set out three or four tables under the big tree which was where the ceremony was going to be held and then a small reception before going back to the main reception in the new hall across the road. We put white tablecloths on the tables and floral centrepieces and I even found a wonderful old candelabra to put beside the wedding register to make it look especially stylish and classy. Unfortunately earlier in the day there had been a lot of wind and the streamers were all tangled up in the branches so I spent a good hour up there trying to make them all untangled.. My wife thought that was hilarious and took pictures of me dangling from the branches while at the same time warning me that if I fell and broke my leg that she wasn’t going to take care of me. I swore lots as I climbed out the tree and I think I tore a hole in my pants on the roots on the way down. Even with these disasters as usual God blessed the ceremony and everything turned out just fine. The young bride looked radiant and her husband looked nervous but happy during the ceremony and I thought they would probably be okay.

New Pool, New Room

So we just began construction of a pool at our house. It’s much bigger than expected, it’s going to be around 10 metres when it is finished. I’m really looking forward to being able to swim any time of the day or night, going to the local gym and having to share lanes with people is a real annoyance. In the process of clearing the space for the pool we’ve had to knock down half of our shed, which was in desperate need of a clean out any way. There was years worth of stuff in there that no one was touching and we finally got rid of most of it. We’ve realised now that we don’t really need a full sized connected shed like we had, so we’re planning on building an external granny flat of sorts where it was. The idea is that it can act as a bedroom upstairs for my brother and an office downstairs for him too. We’re all very keen on designing the place and I’m especially interested in furnishing it. I’ve been really into modernist/minimalist furniture for a long time and now we’ve got a blank slate to really create something cool. I’ve been looking at picking up an Eames chair, one of the big leather and wood ones that reclines and comes with an ottoman. They’re really gorgeous pieces of design and you can find pretty faithfully constructed replicas here for under $500. I can’t get enough of this type of design, I think I’m a modernist through and through. Hopefully my brother doesn’t mind me commandeering his office to sit in the chair I’ve bought (or the desk or the lamps or the buffets which I will inevitably buy as well). Pretty excited about both of these projects, it’s already feeling like a new house around here. I’ll leave you with a video of the construction of an Eames chair, it’s a beautiful thing.


The other night a mate of mine asked me if I wanted to check out this new bar that had just opened up in my city, Johnnys house of jazz or something like that. We met up outside the train station (at rush hour, not a great choice) and went for a walk around our little metropolis. In the main sorta town square there was a bunch of Catholic salesman, they were preaching and selling crucifixes and rosary beads . We listened to these guys for a little while, their passion for their cause was pretty entertaining, then we kept moving towards the bar my friend had recommended. The exterior was so innocuous and difficult to locate we almost gave up, but eventually we found the small neon sign displaying the word “BAR” and we stepped down the industrial stairs into the venue. The place was gorgeous, a really long room with fairy lights over every inch of the ceiling and gaslight style tables scattered down the length of the establishment. We sat down at one of the tables that looked like something out of a Dylan documentary and checked out the menu. I’m not much of a drinker, but apparently (according to my mate) the place had really hard to find craft beers, which he was very happy about. The menus focused on Mexican food for some reason, which didn’t seem to fit the quite East Coast, USA feeling of the decor. We both ordered burritos and sat back to watch the nights musical performances. They artists were very good; a duo playing mandolin and cello singing various covers of popular retro songs and the other bloke just had himself and a ukulele, he sung mostly his own songs, but they were very well written. We left Johnnys at 1ish and began the walk uphill to the train station (not fun at that late an hour). Then we got on our trains and headed home.

A Cinema Room

So what goes into a great cinema room, is it the size of the screen ?  Is it the sound system ? Is it the chairs you sit in to make it such a great experience ?  Well in truth its all of those things in complete harmony which creates a cinema room you just don’t want to leave.  Now that its time to redesign my own cinema room I’m starting to imagine how all of these things might come together, but first I need to assure you all that we certainly do need this room because for better or for worse my family just love their movies.  Ever since they were little my kids would scuttle into the rumpus room and build a fortress of blankets and pillows and watch all the kids tv show and especially tlots of animated films. Alladin, land before time, Mary Poppins, Dragon ball Z and a hundred others. So as they got older their love for movies grew ( although I can take some credit for nurturing this idea) and they started watching lots of the classics as well as almost anything modern with a good story and lots of action.  My daughter gravitates to musicals and romcoms while my son loves indie films and anything with Tom Cruise in it (no accounting for taste) as well as foreign films.  So our need for a good cinema room is probably greater than our need for a kitchen, and given how little we cook this is actually literally true.  At the moment we have a 50 inch plasma screen TV with a Yamaha sound system which barely gets going because the room isn’t that big.  What we really need is a bigger screen, I’m thinking one of those 70 inch bad boys, flat screen, LED, surround sound and internet connected.  Maybe one like this.


All I know is that if I get a scrren like this I will never leave my cinema room and all the sons friends will take up permanent residence.  Now I just need the $8000 it costs to magically appear and it will be in for Christmas.