Food Vans

The other night a friend of mine from my college days came back into town and we decided to head out somewhere a grab a bite. We drove into the south side of the city and started walking around the place looking for something interesting. We came across this food van event, a sort of festival for all the travelling food trucks in the city. They all gathered in this great big vacant lot and served their quick food. They really spent quite a lot of money on it as well, along with the various food vans (about 20 in total) there were also a few smaller stalls selling little trinkets, I saw one of the places was selling some very interesting looking dream catchers. We started doing laps around the lot, struggling to decide what to get, we eventually both settled on some sort of South American burger. This smoked and shredded meat on a really crunchy bun with coleslaw, it was really great, could’ve done with a bit of sauce though. The great thing about food van food is that it comes in small portions, so we starting the laps again searching for something a bit different and we came across this really interesting sandwich place. The bread they use is very similar to the steamed buns you find at dumpling shops except the bread was moulded into a bun shape. We both had a pulled pork, peppermint and horse radish sandwich from there and it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. After we finished eating we decided to grab a beer from the two brothers who were selling their home brewed stout. I’m not a huge fan of stout at the best of times but this was actually quite ok, it was very strong though, almost 12% alcohol volume in one glass. In any case, really great night out with a mate, food vans will be a tradition from now on.

Bayside Markets

I heard about some cool markets that happen weekly down by the sea a few minutes from my house so I decided to head down there yesterday. Probably one of the best Sunday mornings I’ve had in ages. My brother, his fiance and I were there until almost midday, checking out all the different food stalls and the wacky things that the vendors were selling. When we first got there, there was a street-long line leading to a very small lemonade stand. Thinking it must be brilliant if this many people wanted some, my brother and his partner stood in line while went off to get us some food. I noticed a stall selling what looked like (at first glance) pizza without the melted cheese, when I investigated further it turned out to be Turkish deep fried bread called Langos (pronounced LANG-GOSH). They were big too, so I bought 2 two of those and started the walk back to the lemonade stand. While I was gone my brother’s fiance had gone off to another stall where (as she told me later) they sold these very beautiful wind chimes. After a total of 25 minutes in the lemonade line we finally sat down to trie the strange combination of deep fried bread and squeezed lemons. I really enjoyed both (especially the lemonade) but my brather was not keen on the Langos, he said it tasted like stale corn. After we ate we walked over to the stage area of the markets where there was a group of musicians preparing to play, they seemed to be beginners and took quite a long time to get all their sound equipment working properly but after they got going, they had a great sound. So for the rest of the morning we just sat on the grass listening to the young band (I think they were called The Cocoa Seeds) and my brother bough us a few beers later in the day to cap it all off. Brilliant morning down there at the markets.